Insulating your home can be very important for lowering your energy cost. Southern Residential installs fiberglass insulation, attic blow insulation, and spray foam. Whether you have an existing home needing an insulation upgrade or building a new home let Southern Residential help you make sure your home is properly insulated. Call us today for your free estimate  (706)868-8118!

Why invest in spray foam insulation?

With so many ways homeowners can spend money on their home, why should you invest in the best insulation system for your home and its air sealing benefits? Here are just a few reasons:


1. Insulation and air sealing are key components of any green building program.

2. The cheapest energy is the energy that isn’t used. By properly insulating and air sealing, you are keeping energy you have already paid for in your home.

3. A leaky home is not the same as a properly ventilated home. Ventilation is fresh air that enters a house in a controlled manner to exhaust excess moisture and reduce odors and stuffiness. Air leakage, or infiltration, is outside air that enters a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings. Relying on air leakage for ventilation can result in too much or too little air entering the home.

4. Is your home built on a crawl space? A leaky house with a moldy, dusty, or pest-occupied crawl space might allow that air to move up into your home which brings those contaminants with it, into the air you breathe.

5. Proper insulation and air sealing reduces energy use and annual energy bills (up to 10% of a home’s total utilities)

6. Reducing your home’s heating and cooling reduces the wear and tear on your HVAC system.